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Book chapters


1.- Sumit Kewalramani, Guillermo I. Guerrero-García, Liane M. Moreau, Jos W. Zwanikken, Chad A. Mirkin, Monica Olvera de la Cruz, and Michael J. Bedzyk, Electrolyte-Mediated Assembly of Charged Nanoparticles, Spherical Nucleic Acids, Volume 2, Edited by Chad A. Mirkin 2020, Jenny Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd. PDF


Research papers


The corresponding author is in black bold face stylePapers resulting from a thesis in which I was the supervisor have colored the name of my thesis student in orange bold face style. 


39.- "Dynamic non-dominance of counterions and precedence's inversion of the colloidal electrophoretic mobility in 1:z salts with multivalent coions", Guillermo Ivan Guerrero-Garcia, Jesus Gerardo Guerrero Felix, Carmen Lucia Moraila Martinez, Bernardo Yañez Soto, and Enrique Gonzalez-Tovar, in preparation. 


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37.- "Concentrated aqueous solutions of multivalent macroions enhance the electrical double layer capacitance and differential capacitance of a planar supercapacitor", Gloria Namibia Moraila-Martínez, Jonathan Josué Elisea-Espinoza, Enrique González-Tovar, Guillermo Iván Guerrero-García, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 2024, 400, 124405.


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35.- "The essentials of the finite element method to solve differential equations: an illustrative case in physics", M. Chavez-Paez, Enrique Gonzalez-Tovar, Guillermo Ivan Guerrero-Garcia, Guillermo Guevara-Zapata and Jose Marcelo Padron-Zamora, Physica Scripta, 2024, 99, 046102.


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32.- "Charge asymmetric electrolytes around a rigid cylindrical polyelectrolyte: A generalization of the capacitive compactness", Guillermo Ivan Guerrero-Garcia, Lutful Bari Bhuiyan, Christopher W. Outhwaite, and Enrique Gonzalez-Tovar, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 2022, 367, 120538. PDF


31.- "Local inversion of the mean electrostatic potential, maximum charge reversal, and capacitive compactness: the crucial role of the excluded volume and ion correlations", Guillermo Ivan Guerrero-Garcia, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 2022, 361, 119566.   PDF   sup_mat_pdf


30.- "Activation energy, spatial confinement, and mean first passage and escape times of a tracer in a wormlike micellar fluid: an effective potential approach", Guillermo Ivan Guerrero-Garcia, Daniela Perez-Guerrero, Erick Sarmiento-Gomez, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 34 174006, 2022. Issue on Soft Matter Research in Latin America, IOP Publishing. PDF


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28.- "On the non-dominance of counterions in the 1:z planar electrical double layer of point-ions", Jonathan Josue Elisea-Espinoza, Enrique Gonzalez-Tovar, Jose Adrian Martinez-Gonzalez, Cesar G. Galvan Pena, Guillermo Ivan Guerrero-GarciaMolecular Physics, 2021, 119, Issue 19-20: Special Issue in honour of Michael L. Klein FRS. PDF


27.- "On the Time Transition Between Short- and Long-Time Regimes of Colloidal Particles in External Periodic Potentials", Daniela Perez-GuerreroJose Luis Arauz-Lara, Erick Sarmiento-Gomez, Guillermo Ivan Guerrero-Garcia, Frontiers in Physics, 2021, 9, 87. Part of the special issue: "50 years of Statistical Physics in Mexico: Development, State of the Art and Perspectives". PDF


26.- "Engineering the Uniform Lying Helical Structure in Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystals: From Morphology Transition to Dimension Control", Zhixuan Jia, Tejal Pawale, Guillermo I. Guerrero-García, Sid Hashemi, José A. Martínez-González, Xiao LiCrystals, 2021, 11, 414. PDF


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21.- "Understanding the interfacial behavior of lysozyme on Au (111) surfaces with multiscale simulations", Mohammadreza Samieegohar, Heng Ma, Feng Sha, Md Symon Jahan Sajib, G. Iván Guerrero-García, and Tao Wei, Applied Physics Letters, 2017, 110, 073703. PDF

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